H2Lib  3.0
Data Fields
_block Struct Reference

Representation of block trees. More...

#include <block.h>

Data Fields

pcluster rc
 Row cluster.
pcluster cc
 Column Cluster.
bool a
 Admissibility flag.
 Son blocks, if the block is subdivided.
uint rsons
 Number of row sons.
uint csons
 Number of column sons.
uint desc
 Number of descendants.

Detailed Description

Representation of block trees.

A block tree $\mathcal{T}_{I \times J}$ is a labeled tree for two cluster trees $\mathcal{T}_{I}$ and $\mathcal{T}_{J}$ and stored recursively. The block tree is described by a row cluster tree rc and a column cluster tree cc . The admissibility flag a can be used to distinguish admissible (farfield) blocks from inadmissible (nearfield) blocks. If the block is subdivided, pointers to the son blocks can be stored, additionally the number of the row sons, column sons and the number of decendents.

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