H2Lib  3.0
Data Fields
_taskgroup Struct Reference

A collection of tasks for the same callback function. More...

#include <opencl.h>

Data Fields

ptask tasks
size_t size
task_affinity affinity
ptaskgroup next
void * data
void(* merge_tasks )(ptaskgroup t, void **data)
void(* cleanup_merge )(void *data)
void(* distribute_results )(ptaskgroup t, void *data)
void(* close_taskgroup )(ptaskgroup tg)
void(* callback_cpu )(void *data)
void(* callback_gpu )(void *data)
size_t(* getsize_task )(void *data)
void(* split_task )(void *data, void ***splits, uint *n)
void(* cleanup_task )(void *data)

Detailed Description

A collection of tasks for the same callback function.

Depending on the taskgroup affinity _taskgroup::affinity the computation can either be done on the CPU by the callback _taskgroup::callback_cpu or optionally on the GPU by the second callback function _taskgroup::callback_gpu . In the latter case also the callbacks _taskgroup::merge_tasks, _taskgroup::distribute_results and _taskgroup::cleanup_merge have to be specified. The List of tasks to be processed is given by _taskgroup::tasks and the field _taskgroup::size determines the current matrix elements to be processed by the task list. The amount of storage used by the results can be calculated by the callback _taskgroup::getsize_task. When the scheduler calls a flush on all available taskgroups the callback _taskgroup::close_taskgroup will be called. It is mandatory to supply this callback because some taskgroups might need a chance to close their collection of work before enqueueing them to the scheduler. Also inevitable is the callback _taskgroup::split_task that might split tasks that are too big into smaller chunks, that again might fit into a pending _taskgroup. Finally the callback _taskgroup::cleanup_task takes care of cleaning up temporary data for a given _task.

Field Documentation

task_affinity affinity

Determines the affinity for computation hardware.

void(* callback_cpu) (void *data)

Callback for the computation on the CPU.

void(* callback_gpu) (void *data)

Callback for the computation on the GPU.

void(* cleanup_merge) (void *data)

Cleanup callback for the merged data.

void(* cleanup_task) (void *data)

Cleanup callback for each task of the taskgroup.

void(* close_taskgroup) (ptaskgroup tg)

Close pending work for a taskgroup.

void* data

Additional information about a taskgroup.

void(* distribute_results) (ptaskgroup t, void *data)

Callback for the distribution of output data from GPU computation.

size_t(* getsize_task) (void *data)

Calculate the storage amount for the results.

void(* merge_tasks) (ptaskgroup t, void **data)

Callback for the collection of input data from tasks for the GPU computation.

ptaskgroup next

Pointer to the next taskgroup in the global list

size_t size

Current size of the corresponding matrix elements to be processed.

void(* split_task) (void *data, void ***splits, uint *n)

Splits a _task into number of smaller tasks. The count is returned by n, the array of new tasks is returned by splits.

ptask tasks

The List of tasks to be processed.

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