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macrosurface3d.h File Reference
#include "settings.h"
#include "surface3d.h"

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Data Structures

struct  _macrosurface3d
 Representation of a parametrized surface. More...


typedef struct _macrosurface3d macrosurface3d
 Representation of a parametrized surface.
typedef macrosurface3dpmacrosurface3d
 Pointer to a macrosurface3d object.
typedef const macrosurface3dpcmacrosurface3d
 Pointer to a constant macrosurface3d object.


pmacrosurface3d new_macrosurface3d (uint vertices, uint edges, uint triangles)
 Create a macrosurface3d object. More...
void del_macrosurface3d (pmacrosurface3d mg)
 Delete a macrosurface3d object. More...
pmacrosurface3d new_sphere_macrosurface3d ()
 Create a macrosurface3d object for the unit sphere. More...
pmacrosurface3d new_parabolic_mirror_macrosurface3d ()
 Creates a new macrosurface3d object for a parabolic mirror. More...
pmacrosurface3d new_cuboid_macrosurface3d (real ax, real bx, real ay, real by, real az, real bz)
 Creates a new macrosurface3d object for a cuboid. More...
pmacrosurface3d new_cube_macrosurface3d ()
 Creates a new macrosurface3d object for a unit cube. More...
pmacrosurface3d new_cylinder_macrosurface3d ()
 Create a macrosurface3d object for a cylinder. More...
psurface3d build_from_macrosurface3d_surface3d (pcmacrosurface3d mg, uint split)
 Create a triangular mesh from a macrosurface3d object. More...
psurface3d build_interactive_surface3d ()
 Create a surface3d object interactively. More...

Detailed Description

Steffen Börm