H2Lib  3.0
Data Fields
_hmatrix Struct Reference

Representation of $\mathcal{H}$-matrices. More...

#include <hmatrix.h>

Data Fields

pccluster rc
 Row cluster.
pccluster cc
 Column cluster.
prkmatrix r
 Low-rank matrix, for admissible leaves.
pamatrix f
 Standard matrix, for inadmissible leaves.
uint rsons
 Number of block rows.
uint csons
 Number of block columns.
uint refs
 Number of references to this hmatrix.
uint desc
 Number of descendants in matrix tree.

Detailed Description

Representation of $\mathcal{H}$-matrices.

$\mathcal{H}$-matrices are represented recursively: a hmatrix object can be either an amatrix, a rkmatrix or divided into submatrices represented again by hmatrix objects.

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