H2Lib  3.0
Data Fields
_dh2matrix Struct Reference

Tree structure representing a $\mathcal{DH}^2$-matrix. More...

#include <dh2matrix.h>

Data Fields

pdclusterbasis rb
 Row cluster basis.
pdclusterbasis cb
 Column cluster basis.
pduniform u
 Uniform matrix (if farfield leaf)
pamatrix f
 Standard matrix (if nearfield leaf)
 Son matrices (if subdivided)
uint rsons
 Block rows.
uint csons
 Block columns.
uint desc
 Number of descendants.

Detailed Description

Tree structure representing a $\mathcal{DH}^2$-matrix.

If u is not null, we are dealing with an admissible submatrix represented as $V_{tc} S_{ts} W_{sc}^*$, where the row basis $V_{tc}$ and the column basis $W_{sc}$ are given by rb and cb, respectively, and $S_{ts}$ is contained in u.

If f is not null, we are dealing with an inadmissible leaf represented directly by f.

If son is not null, the matrix is subdivided into rsons row sons and csons column sons. The pointer to the submatrix in the i-th row and the j-th column can be found son[i+j*rsons].

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