H2Lib  3.0
Data Fields
_tet3d Struct Reference

Representation of a three-dimensional tetrahedral mesh. More...

#include <tet3d.h>

Data Fields

uint vertices
 Number of vertices.
uint edges
 Number of edges.
uint faces
 Number of faces.
uint tetrahedra
 Number of tetrahedra.
real(* x )[3]
 Coordinates of vertices.
uint(* e )[2]
 Start and end points of edges.
uint(* f )[3]
 Edges on a triangular face. More...
uint(* t )[4]
 Faces of a tetrahedron.
 Boundary flags for vertices.
 Boundary flags for edges.
 Boundary flags for faces.

Detailed Description

Representation of a three-dimensional tetrahedral mesh.

Tetrahedral meshes are represented by a hierarchy of geometric objects: vertices are at the lowest level, edges consist of vertices, faces consist of edges, and tetrahedra consist of faces. Functions like getvertices_tet3d or getedges_tet3d are provided to skip levels of the hierarchy in order to obtain the vertices or edges of a tetrahedron.

Field Documentation

uint(* f)[3]

Edges on a triangular face.

If this is a boundary face, we assume that the faces are oriented counter-clockwise as seen from the outside of the mesh. This property is ensured by the function fixnormals_tet3d and is used in the computation of outer normal vectors.

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