H2Lib  3.0
Data Fields
_cluster Struct Reference

Representation of cluster trees. More...

#include <cluster.h>

Data Fields

uint size
 Number of indices.
 Index set.
uint sons
 Number of sons.
 Pointer to son clusters.
uint dim
 Spatial dimension of bounding box.
 Minimal coordinates of bounding box.
 Maximal coordinates of bounding box.
uint desc
 Number of descendants.
uint type
 Type of cluster, necessary for domain decomposition clustering. 1 : domain cluster 2 : interface cluster.

Detailed Description

Representation of cluster trees.

Cluster trees are recursively represented labeled trees. The labels are subsets of the index set idx and the labels of the sons form a disjunct partition of the label of the father. The structure provides storage for the spatial dimension and the coordinates of the axis-parallel bounding boxes.

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