H2Lib  3.0
Data Fields
_dcluster Struct Reference

Directional cluster tree. More...

#include <dcluster.h>

Data Fields

uint size
 Number of indices.
 Index array, type uint idx[size]
uint sons
 Number of sons.
 Pointers to sons, type pdcluster son[sons]
uint dim
 Dimension of bounding box.
 Minimal coordinates of bounding boxes, type real bmin[dim]
 Maximal coordinates of bounding boxes, type real bmax[dim]
uint directions
 Number of directions.
 Directions, type real dir[directions][dim] More...
uint ** dirson
 Corresponding directions in sons, type uint dirson[sons][directions]
uint desc
 Number of descendants in tree.

Detailed Description

Directional cluster tree.

Field Documentation

pcreal* dir

Directions, type real dir[directions][dim]

This is only a pointer to an array in a leveldir object, so it should not be changed or freed directly.

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